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Hereafter in yellow color, you can find my 3 favorite settings:

- 8K, Reactivity 0, TX power 3, for very clean surfaces (forest for example)

- 12k, Reactivity 1, TX power 2, for allround surfaces

- 18k, Reactivity 2, TX power 1, for iron poluted surfaces.

In fact the target identification number (conductivity) depends on the frequency used. Typically a same coin will give you an identification number of 76 at 18k, 70 at 12k and 61 at 8k.

The audio tones are choosed so that a same coin will give approximately the same sound independently of the frequency used.

For beginners, I suggest to start with the numbers at left side, this means:

- Discri = 10

- Sensitivity= 93

- Silence = 3

- Ground effects = 90

After some weeks, your ears will be trained to identify the "true" targets = to eliminate following noises:
- false high sounds due to iron because discri is too low
- false high sounds due to ground effects too sensitive.
As soon as your ears get ready, you can slowly use the numbers at the right side (Discri=2,5, Sens=97, Sil=-1, Audio Resp=2, Ground Effect= 75) that will give you the maximum detector performance.

Iron volume can be slowly decreased to 0 as soon as you are able to recognise iron through the false high sounds produced by them.

My favorite "all round" setting is the second yellow column with 12K frequency and optimum settings:
Discrimination=2,4 ; Sensitivity=97 ; Power=2 ; Frequency=12K ; Silence=-1 ; Audio Resp=2 ; Ground Effect= 75.

A "true", interesting target is a target that produces a clean, high frequency sound and this sound is independant of the movement direction of the dectector above the target.

Concerning the setting "audio response=2": this is very useful in order not to put some distorsion on the sound. The volume of the sound also gives the information of the target distance: this is very useful for precise target location (pinpoint is almost not necessary). The drawback is that you have to recognise also low volume sounds in order to find deep targets, but the ear is able to be trained for that purpose and the best is too use a good quality headset.

9/08/2010: I have added a special blue column called "mode rococo": This is something very special reserved to advanced users. The detector will be very sensitive and will be able to detect targets located under mineralised surfaces (like a mineralized brick). It is reserved for deap penetration into mineralized poluted surfaces.

In this mode, the discrimination of the device is disabled. As consequence, the iron targets are now producing a medium tone (see note in user manual on page 12 in case discrimination is lower than value 2). Therefore I reduced the medium tone to 200 Hz.

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