Use your own headset

Instead of using the XP wireless headset, I prefer use my own headset, this has following advantages:

- my own headset is noise isolated from outside noise, this gives me more sound accuracy and is usefull for identification of targets

- I can now detect just by using the wireless headset module fixed at my left arm: therefore I can read the conductivity identification number on the small display without having to remove the headset from my head

- I have added a small on/off switch in order to disable all sounds. This is usefull when I put down my detector in order to digg without beeing disturbed by continious detector noise.

The electrical connections are made with thermofuse glue that can easily be removed if necessary, without any modification trace on the headset module (usefull for warranty):

One alternative, instead of using thermofuse glue, is to buy a second set of headset contacts (13€, see picture below) and to solder the wires on those contacts.

A second and final alternative is to make a small printed circuit board that can be inserted into the heaset exactly as the headset contacts:

This solution is finally my prefered solution because the contacts are very solid. The printed circuit board was made from an old recycled circuit board.

The trick for having perfect contacts was to use a piece of desoldering wick (tresse à déssouder/Entlötlitze):

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